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Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi logoThe city of Rawalpindi stands amongst the top cities of Pakistan and is facilitated with all those necessities of life found in mega cities of Karachi and Lahore. As compare to all the other cities in Pakistan, the city of Rawalpindi is very much balanced in many aspects if not the best. Where some cities of Pakistan known for having some good higher educational institutes, the Rawalpindi city is not behind. There are some prominent higher education institutes in Rawalpindi and students from distant cities specially come here for seeking education. The Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi is one such institute recognized all over Pakistan and internationally as well.

Arid Agriculture University RawalpindiLocated on the famous main Murree Road very near to the Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium, the Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi is known for offering degrees for Bachelor, Master and PhD in various disciplines. For this reason, the University’s management has made constant efforts at staff development with the result that nearly 46% of the faculty possesses Ph.D. degrees, while the others have M.Sc. (Hons) and M.Phil degrees. The University is open to all students regardless of religion, race, creed, class or colour, and no one is deprived of the benefits accumulating from the University on any such grounds.

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Besides engaged in studies, the students of Arid University often like to engage them in many entertaining activities. They may include dine outs, concerts, fashion shows, fun fairs, educational and field trips. It is understood that in student life the expense we have is quite limited. At the same time, there are so many things that we wish to enjoy as students which becomes virtually impossible at times. However, now with the students of Arid University Rawalpindi shall be enjoying cashing some lucrative deals offering amazing discounts upto 90%. Once there was an awareness survey conducted by through many universities and almost all the students appreciated the idea. According to the research, some Arid Students want to offer deals on different electronic items to help them in projects, other then that they have also shown their interests in recent deals like HP Probook 4530s, headset for iPhoneLG KP110 Mobile Phone IELTS preparation classes and Sugar deal.

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Many students were invited to join as Brand Ambassadors which was also welcomed by a large number of students. Hence, aims to bring a number of awesome deals for the students of Arid University Rawalpindi. In order to make us work effectively, the students are encouraged to suggest a deal of their choice. Visit the and click on the icon as shown below to let us know about your choice.

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