6th September 2011 Defence Day Pakistan Celebrations

defence day Pakistan photos

Today Pakistan celebrates its 46th Defence Day (also known as Youm-e-Difa) with full zeal and utmost enthusiasm across the country.

History of 6th September Defence Day Pakistan:

The 6th of September is a golden chapter in the history of Pakistan, in memory of those who died in the Pak India War II, fought in 1965.

defence day Pakistan photos 1965 defence day Pakistan photos 6th september 1965

This day: 6th September Defence Day Pakistan, is marked with renewed spirits to resolve and a commitment to defend the ideological and geographical boundaries of the country from any internal or external aggression in line with unity exhibited by the whole nation, a salute to the defenders of the motherland in September 1965 who stood shoulder to shoulder against the enemy attack to protect the nation’s boundary and integrity.

6th September 2011 Celebrations Around Pakistan:

The 6th September 2011 Defence Day was marked with daylong celebrations all over the country.  In commemoration of the martyrs of 1965 War, the celebrations started today with Quran Khawani (Recitation of Quranic Verses), following special prayers for the sovereignty, solidarity and integrity of Pakistan.

President and Prime Minister and many ministers of Pakistan address the nation on various auspicious functions held for Defence Day.

6th September 2011defence day

The national flag was hoisted at all Formation Headquarters, Units and Pakistani Army installations. Tribute is being paid to the valiant soldiers, who had laid down their lives for the defence of country.

The ceremonies of 6th September 2011 Defence Day were witnessed by citizens of Pakistan, including a large number of students from various schools and colleges.

Defence Day Pakistan Photos:

Check out the celebrations that took place on 6th September 2011. The Below posted Defence day Pakistan photos will surely liberate great fervor and love for the country and its defenders in your hearts. Click on the images for a larger view of the 6th September 2011 Celebrations:

6th September 2011 defence day Pakistan photos 6th September defence day Pakistan PM President

defence day Pakistan 6th sepDefense Day celebrations in Lahore

Defense Day celebrations in Lahore 2011 6th September defence day karachi

6th September defence day celebrations6TH SEPTEMBER 2011 pakistan

6th September defence day Pakistanpakistan defence day

defence day Pakistan photos 2011

6th September 2011 defence day

Pakistan celebrates Defence Day 2011 defence day Pakistan photos Kiyani

6th September 2011

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