14th Street Pizza Karachi Offering 20 Inch Thin Crust Pizzas

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All the way from Ney York U.S.A, the 14th Street Pizza now brings traditional hand-tossed New York Style Pizza for all the pizza enthusiasts in Pakistan. Those who have become rather sick n tired of the conventional pizzas will now have their taste buds experiencing the spice of 14th Street Pizzas.

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14th Street Pizza in Pakistan

14th Street Pizza Co. is a highly experienced company in the food and beverage industry with other successful international outlet chains in Pakistan. They believe in providing quality food items and are excited to be able to provide an exceptional pizza that has been unavailable in Karachi until now. Those who miss the real authentic New York Style Pizza can certainly expect a real treat. These oversized pizzas made with a rich blend of scrumptious toppings, homemade sauces and finest quality cheese which are baked to perfection on a New York style thin crust.

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14th Street Pizza; What’s New!

For the first time in Pakistan, 14th Street Pizza Co. introduces the 20 inch thin crust masterpiece, where you can choose your own toppings and sauces ranging from mild to hot, so your pizza is just the way you like it. With a passion for pizza, 14th Street Pizza Co. strives to become the #1 thin crust pizza delivery option in Pakistan. The pizzas are prepared with the best quality ingredients available.

14th Street Pizza 20 inch

Starting from the dough to sauce to cheese to chicken the preparation involves their own special recipe, homemade pizza sauces which range from “mild” to “extra hot”, also the cheese is imported from the best source available and the pepperoni is the best Halal product available in the world. At 14th Street Pizza, quality and consistency are of the utmost importance and they are excited to provide an exceptional pizza that had yet to debut in the pizza industry of Pakistan.

14th Street Pizza 20 inch Pizza

Location of 14th Street Pizza in Karachi

The 14th Street Pizza is located in Phase 6 in the D.H.A area of Karachi. Should there be any confusion in locating, you may dial the numbers which are 021-35350202 or 021-03435350202. The following map may also be helpful if you are new to the area.

Menu at 14th Street Pizza

The 14th Street Pizza comes with a number of toppings that include Pepperoni, Chicken Tikka, Chicken Rings, Beef Tikka, Cheeselicious, Chicken Fajita and Vegetarian. The prices of the pizzas vary from Rs. 199 for a slice, Rs. 749 for half and Rs. 1449 for a full sized pizza with a choice in sauces as well as the vegetable toppings.

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14th Street Pizza Attributes:

Business Hours: 24 hours

Cuisine: Pepperoni, Vegetarian, Chicken Tikka, Chicken Rings, Beef Tikka & Chicken Fajita.

Sideline: Spicy Wings, Cheesy Bread, Garlic Bread, Meshed Potatoes  & Potato Skins

Catering:  Not Available

Payments: Cash

Delivery Charges: Free delivery

Deals & Discounts: Midnight Deals

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