100,000 Pakistani Email Addresses from Karachi Lahore & Islamabad

Access to email addresses of 100,000 people from Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad or any other big cities sounds very attractive offer if you’re a small business owner and you will find various such offers on internet! But will it work for you, and if it does, what will be the return? Will you be able to convert those 100,000 email addresses into real customers? There are too many other questions when it comes to measure success of a campaign. So let’s look into the Email Marketing insights to have fair better idea!

How These Mailing Lists Are Created?

Whether it’s an individual or a company selling such mailing lists, they create these lists in almost same manner. Some of the sources of these mailing lists include public profiles on social networks, forwarded mails, bulk email addresses purchase from music & other software download websites, co registration programs, get paid to read email programs etc.

Effectiveness of Bulk Mail Marketing:

Sending out email to the addresses you obtained from the above mentioned sources won’t be effective at all. At first, you don’t know the demographics of the people in the list, so you can’t say how many of them will actually be interested in your product or service. Since, you don’t know anything about the people in the list; you cannot target your campaign according to their needs.

How to Build an Effective Email List?

In order to get better results from your Email Marketing campaigns, you must build an effective email list first. The effective mailing lists are those whereby your targeted customer himself subscribes for email or newsletter. Business owners who already have a website can get their perspective customers opt in for email easily, but in case if you don’t have it, you should look into offline medium for getting email subscribers. Offline mediums can include trade shows, exhibitions or other business events where your targeted audience is present.

Asking someone to subscribe without any reason is annoying, so always have a reason for which people should willingly give you their email address. There can be various reasons, like upcoming promotions, arrival of new stock, limited stock items etc.

People don’t like filling lengthy questionnaires, so keep it simple. Design to the point and subscription form. It should be urging the user to sign up!

Here are some good examples of effective subscription forms:

newsletter 1

newsletter 2

newsletter 3

newsletter 4

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